• New Technology Can Accurately Determine Leaks

    The International Water Management Institute estimates that by the year 2025, just over thirty percent of the world’s population will have to deal with water scarcity, and one of the primary culprits behind it  is leaks. It’s estimated that anywhere between twenty to thirty percent of treated water is lost in systems due to this […]

  • Rancho California Water District Meets Conservation Demands with Itron

    The Rancho California Water District (RCWD) based in Southern California serves a varied array of more than 40,000 residential and commercial customers. Last year marked the state’s fourth consecutive year dealing with the ramifications of the drought, forcing the State Water Resources Control Board to devise and implement mandatory measures intended to conserve and reduce […]

  • Position Opening: North Georgia and Northern Alabama Sales Representative

    Job Description: Avanti is seeking a disciplined, self-starter with technical aptitude for Fluid Mechanics and a professional sales capability that complements our consultative selling approach to the market.  The successful candidate must manage a large territory with a diverse and broad customer base.  This is a Territory sales position that requires a commitment to be […]

  • More Information on the SL-RAT

    InfoSense’s SL-RAT Acoustic Pipe Inspection uses sound traveling through the air to mimic water flow through a pipe using an active transmitter. As opposed to existing pipe inspection methods, the acoustic method takes advantage of the simultaneous air and water flow, providing a blockage assessment 10 to 20 times faster than CCTV, without requiring pre-cleaning […]