• More Information on the SL-RAT

    InfoSense’s SL-RAT Acoustic Pipe Inspection uses sound traveling through the air to mimic water flow through a pipe using an active transmitter. As opposed to existing pipe inspection methods, the acoustic method takes advantage of the simultaneous air and water flow, providing a blockage assessment 10 to 20 times faster than CCTV, without requiring pre-cleaning […]

  • North Miami Beach Chooses Itron

    Despite its modern appeal, the City of North Miami Beach was until recently still using traditional manual meter reading and quarterly inspected leak detection service. For two weeks, surveyors were tasked with inspecting all 550 miles of the city’s pipeline system, a necessary but highly laborious and time consuming process despite meeting the necessary system […]

  • Itron Idea Labs Leads the Way

    Most people recognize Itron as being a well-known metering company for water, gas, and electricity utilities, but the role of its Idea Labs unit as an innovator has turned it into a modern technology and services company processing huge amounts of data into incredibly useful information. Take for example the Itron Riva platform. Utilizing the […]

  • Infosense’s SL-RAT

    The Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT) is a highly portable device capable of assessing a sewer line in under three minutes.  It is comprised of a Transmitter and Receiver, or TX and RX unit, respectively.  The former is responsible for the active acoustic transmission via the pipe while the latter has a microphone and […]